HS Green Fresh Food Kitchen

PARtnered on this project with Chan Do

BRANDing   |   ART DIRECTION   |    DESIGN   |   Iconography


Our task was to rebrand HS Green - a good food bar and create their new marketing campaign. First we had to define what HS Green was and the direction it needed to go. After conducting a brand audit, we developed the tagline 'Fresh Food Kitchen', describing their hand-crafted, fresh, healthy ingredients. We also developed the theme of 'Healthy Choices, Guilty Pleasures' which complimented the menu and the restaurant's atmosphere.



Brand Identity

The brand identity was hand lettered to compliment and accentuate the hand-crafted, personal feel HS Green offers. The essence of the restaurant was captured by utilizing a fresh color palette and free-flowing typography, all conveying natural goodness from natural foods.






Exterior and interior signage




Art Direction

Photography: Chan Do